Re: dualing H2O tanks
Posted by hj on March 20, 1999 at 00:17:36:
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Yes, but connec the hot water outlet of the first tank to the "cold" inlet of the second. If you try to parallel them, you have to have the friction factors exactly equal or the water will have a preference for going through one of the tanks which will effectively reduce the amount of water available. By putting them in series, the second tank will not have to operate until the first one is being overpowered and then both burners will come on to heat the water. In adition, the first heater will be sacrificed due to scale build up, and it should fail first and then you will only have to replace one heater, whereas, if you could get them operating properly in a parallel mode, they should both fail about the same time.
: I have a four year old, 40 gallon propane water heater and a 13 year old daughter (and 3 other kids). The tank is now under sized. Can another 40 gallon tank be hooked up with this one, if so how? or should I just go with a 75 gallon.

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