Re: Solenoid Valve
Posted by Frank on March 18, 1999 at 11:44:21:
In response to Re: Solenoid Valve
: I want to place a solenoid valve in the water supply line entering my house so that the security system
: will turn off the water when we're away. The electrical part is no problem, but I have some plumbing questions.
: My water is provided by the city. What should I do about thermal expansion? Is there a concern about
: turning off the water supply related to the gas water heater? Aside from the solenoid question,
: is there any concern with just turning off the water and doing nothing to the water heater for
: up to two weeks. Any advice would be appreciated.

You shouldn't have the water off and leave the water heater going. Next time around, get a water heater that uses an electrical starter instead of a pilot light. Then you can just have the security system shut it off.

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