Re: still low pressure even repipe with copper
Posted by Keith L. on March 18, 1999 at 08:10:36:
In response to Re: still low pressure even repipe with copper
Are your neighbors experiencing the same problem? If yes then you should contact your water supplier and let them know about the low pressure problem. If no, then I would assume the problem is isolated to your house. When you replaced the piping did you replace all right up to your main shut off? If not there could be a restriction. Do you have a pressure regulating or reducing valve in the line? If you do that could need adjusting or replacement. Another cause of your low pressure could be with the main shut off. As they get older flow becomes restricted from deposits and sediment and sometimes the valves just fail to open all the way due to corrosion on the stem. If your positive everything is in good shape inside the house it is possible to have an obstruction or restriction in the pipe coming off the main in the street to your house. Lastly, I don't know of any inexpensive way for a homeowner to boost up city water pressure. Good Luck

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