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Posted by hj on March 17, 1999 at 08:40:14:
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The phrases, "wall mount" and "inexpensive" cannot usually be used in the same sentence. And to add to your problems, almost all wall hungs are designated "commercial use only" since they are 3.5 gpf and do not meet the residential flow limitations, and they only come in white or almond. So that only leaves you with the one or two companies that have developed pressure flush models, which takes us back to the not "inexpensive" feature.

: Terry,

: Going through a re-model of a home that was last re-modeled about 40 years ago (1961 actually) and found that the upstairs bath has an ugly brown wall mounted toilet for which I can only find expensive alternatives to replacing at approx. $450 to $500.

: Any ideas on companies that make reasonably priced residential wall mounts (for less than $300)? I'd really like to replace the brown one.

: Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated. Timeline is short.

: Thanks,
: John Lazar

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