Re: Remodeling: Installing a shower stall
Posted by dale's plumbing service on March 16, 1999 at 22:24:47:
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: I would like to know if anyone has some detailed instructions on the installation of a shower stall.
: I am currently remodeling an apartment that I plan to rent out. it has a small (4' by 6') powder room.
: I want to open it up to double its size and install the shower. I am just a little lost on where to start
: and the sequence of events. Any help will be appreciated.

: Thank You,
: Jim Villano

well i don't have a detail for your job as every job is different. but i can tell you what you need to get started. you need a 2" drain, and a 2" trap. you need an 1 1/2 vent out the roof or tied back into an existing vent. depending where you live the vent may have to be 2" going through the roof. north snowey country. or otherwise it can be 1 1/2. you need 1/2" hot and cold water lines.the drain has to have 1/4 inch per ft grade. use pvc dwv sch 40 pipe. use no hub clamps if you are tying into cast pvc-dwv every 4 foot.good luck and email me if you need more help.

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