technological advances in plumbing
Posted by tyler fee on March 16, 1999 at 09:36:15:
Hi my name is Tyler Fee and I'm writing you this letter on behalf of Beckard Associates. I recently explored your web site and I believe I can help you save money and earn more business.

Our company works with growing businesses like your- implementing proven technologies that reduce operating costs. Technologies such as bar coding, E Commerce, Radio Frequency Terminals and Electronic Data Exchange Systems help you do more - faster and more accurately than ever before. These systems can be integrated into your existing environment.

Many of your competitors have already implemented new systems as part of there Y2K upgrade. Don't leave yourself at a competitive disadvantage! Find out about these new developments and learn how they can change the way you do business. Three years ago, no one know what e-commerce was, today it is a vital part of most business applications.

Give me a call or drop me some email and I'll give you some suggestions on how you can build loyal customers and take on new ones from the competition;

Yours Sincerely ,

Tyler Fee, Customer Representative

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