Re: cultured onyx / changes in water temperature
Posted by hj on March 13, 1999 at 20:11:24:
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the only way I could visualize a problem would be if the shower were subjected to a constant high temperature flow and then immediately sprayed with a very low temperature water stream. And even then it would have to be a much larger volume than a shower head could deliver. If you or anyone were in the shower at the time, they would be steamed like a clam and very upset about the experiene.

: I have purchased a cultured onyx shower stall reject. (custom purchaser didn't like final color). I will install unit and plumbing. I am aware these type materials don't like sudden changes in temperature. I'm concerned with this constraint, at times, may be ignored (hard to break old habits). Is there a way the new plumbing can help? One simply idea would be to restrict hot/cold fixture controls from sudden movement. Other ideas?

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