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Posted by Terry Love on March 13, 1999 at 17:27:16:
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: Hello:

: I have a regulator that has started to make noise and a
: plumber quoted me $350. to replace it. He said it would
: take about 2 hours. It is a Honeywell Brauckmann D06 F
: series. It appears to me that if you use the same part to re-
: replace it, one would only have to unscrew the top and
: bottom nuts on the defective regulator and replace it
: with the new regulator. Am I correct? Also, what is the
: price of a D06F? I've called several plumbing stores and
: they don't carry the Honeywell Brauckmann D06 F series
: Can this be ordered and if so, from whom? I appreciate
: your time and consideration in anwering my questions.
: live in Burke, VA. Thank you.

A rebuild kit would do the job if you can find one.
For some reason, this is hard to do. Nobody likes stocking parts like this. Because of this, many a plumber has bit the bullet and just replaced the PRV with a new one figuring that it takes less time to replace than it takes to find the hard to get replacement parts.

As far as repair and replacement costs, without seeing the situation, that's a bit tough. I would guess that replacement costs would be at least $280.

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