Re: Leaking TP valve on new gas H2O heater
Posted by Terry Love on March 13, 1999 at 13:46:59:
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: : : I just (3/8/99) installed a new 50 gallon gas water heater and it is leaking about a gallon of water/day from the TP valve. The booklet with the heater states that this requires attention. Any suggestions?
: : : THANKS.

: :
: : Dean you may need an expansion tank on the hot water line. did you have this problem with the old heater? Dale

: Thank you for the reply Dale.

: The old heater had the problem of a leaky TP valve for about the past year, BUT NOT prior to that. Is it normal to not need one (expansion tank) and then all of the sudden need one?

: Dean

It can if something like a check valve has been added at the water meter. This is becoming more common as utilties add measures to prevent back-flow contamination. Disregard the water shutoff on the hot side of the picture, it should be on the cold inlet side. Terry

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