Thanks, Lou
Posted by CPorter on March 10, 1999 at 10:32:25:
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Vancouver's close enough enough for me, and not the answer I wanted. In order to preserve the original lath and plaster walls in the living and dining rooms below the bathroom, my alternative is to go up through a closet wall, and then across a hall( under a hardwood floor) and then under the length of the bathroonm floor to the fixtures. You can see how an amatuer might want to avoid this. But, what must be done, must be done.



: Did I forget to mention that I worked in Vancouver for three years? I knew people that had single pane glass and no insulation, and I used to go and visit them when it got cold out, about twice in three years. It only takes one freeze up, one pipe break, to make you spend more than you would like to save now.......Lou

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