new water meter in unfinished basement
Posted by wendi on March 08, 1999 at 19:28:33:
Dale, thanks for the suggestion on my claw-foots, I'm looking into it.
This house has been vacant for some years, so the water supply has been shut off.
When the water company came to install a new meter in the basement they laughed at
me and said it would freeze (I'm in Providence) and I should heat the (unfinished)
basement first. I mentioned it seemed silly to heat an unfinished basement and they
laughed at me again. My plumber is unnervingly dissinterested in addressing this issue for me.
I know heating the basement is not the answer, and the only source of heat once inhabited is from
a high efficieny gas furnace in another room in the basement, surely not enough to stop it from
freezing. This is not an uncommon situation, what usually happens?

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