Re: Placement of 1/2" distribution lines in uninsulated exterior wall
Posted by DALE'S PLUMBING SERVICE on March 08, 1999 at 18:57:21:
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: Opps-- I gues I mean supply lines. Whatever they are called, I mean the pipes inside the house running to the bath, sink toilet etc.
: -Charles

: : I am replacing the old galvanized lines to my second story bathroom in my 95 year old house in Seattle. The guy who is helping (experienced, but not a professional) wants to run the lines up the outside wall from the (unheated, but not freezing) basement to the second floor bathroom (about 10 feet of run on the outside wall), which is not insulated, meaning the only weather protection the pipes will have is a 3/4" sheathing plus clapboards. It is clearly far easier to do it his way then use an interior wall, which in my case will require knocking out parts of 2 downstairs walls and the bathroom floor.
: : My quetsions are:
: : (1) Will the pipes freeze in Seattle?
: : (2) Does the building code allow this?
: : (3) How much will I be bothered by the coldness of the water from those lines, even if it does not freeze?

: : Thanks,

: : Charles

charles, if there is any chance at all of freezing it is against the code. you can insulate these lines with 1/2" wall insulation if your code permits you to do this.i don't know how cold your coldest days are in seattle so why don't you call a local plumber in your city and ask him. he will be your best source of advice on this matter.Dale