Pressure Regulator
Posted by Walter Burleson on March 08, 1999 at 16:46:16:

I have a regulator that has started to make noise and a
plumber quoted me $350. to replace it. He said it would
take about 2 hours. It is a Honeywell Brauckmann D06 F
series. It appears to me that if you use the same part to re-
replace it, one would only have to unscrew the top and
bottom nuts on the defective regulator and replace it
with the new regulator. Am I correct? Also, what is the
price of a D06F? I've called several plumbing stores and
they don't carry the Honeywell Brauckmann D06 F series
Can this be ordered and if so, from whom? I appreciate
your time and consideration in anwering my questions.
live in Burke, VA. Thank you.

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