Recommended 1.6 Toilets?
Posted by Vickie on March 08, 1999 at 14:18:50:
We (my husband and I and boys ages 9 & 15) are building
a home and 'have been agonizing over the best toilets
to buy. Since we will have 4.5 baths, we
need good value. However, we definitely want something
that works REALLY well and will not require plunger use.

We have been considering the basic gravity fed Toto 714
but we notice the smaller trapway size (1 7/8) and
smaller water spot (9 1/2 x 8 1/4). The Drake (744)
is a bit more costly --Possibly because of
the G-Max system?) Unfortunately, the Toto
Ultramax is too far above our allowance.
We would appreciate hearing both good and bad
experiences with these models, particularly the 714.

Also, how do these Toto models compare with the basic
Gerber gravity fed Aqua saver 702 and the Gerber
Ultra flush? How do the Eljer Patriot and the
American Standard Cadet II compare with the above?



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