New Elec. Hot Water Heater Not Working
Posted by Diane on March 08, 1999 at 01:29:53:
Last Sunday, I got up to no hot water. Had no way of knowing how old mine was but knew the element had been replaced 3 years ago. Changed the element but the gasket around it was eaten up...bought a new hot water heater from Sears. Finally got it installed. Still have no hot water. Did finally find that the breaker was kicking off and the electric wire was very warm leading to the tank. Bought a new electric breaker. Also had to switch the wiring on the hot water heater...that was wrong and not the breaker. Still have no hot water. Breaker is not tripping now and the electric wire is not warm anymore. Have hit reset button to no avail. Have temo set on thermostat to 140 degrees.
My main question is do I need a plumber or do I need an electrician???
Please help ASAP. Thanks!

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