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Posted by Terry Love on March 07, 1999 at 19:52:12:
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: : I am remodeling my home by installing a basement under it. I want to put a room in my basement big enough for a four person hot tub. I am not knowledgeable of hot tub installation, and I am wondering about such things as room dimension, floor preparation, ventalation, etc. Is there any good info out there you could direct me to?

: if you put a hot tub in a room inside of your home you should do all the walls & ceiling in ceder or red far as ventilation check with the manufacture. the room size depends on the hot tub size and how much room you will need around it.i personnally would not put a hot tub inside. do a lot of checking out on this and get a knowledgable contractor who may have done it before.

Hot tubs create water vapor like it's going out of style. I wouldn't want to install one without a humidistat for the fan switch. An air to air exchanger may be used to temper the incoming air. In the Seattle area, a swimming pool was installed inside a "Street of Dreams" home. They changed out the heating system a few times to try to get it right. The first drywall ceiling fell off. Terry

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