plumbing for claw foot tubs
Posted by Wendi on March 07, 1999 at 13:42:51:
I am currently gut rehabbing an 1887 three-family house.
I am putting in salvaged claw foot tubs on the 1st and 2nd floors.
I have heard that code requires pressure balanced plumbing no matter waht.
The guy at Home Depot said it was not available and I'd have to lose the tubs.
I'm supplying fixtures, and my plumber has been more or less useless in giving
info or advice. I saw a pressure balance set at but it is out of
my buget, way nicer than I need, and doesn't look like it has a shower head.
What can I do? Where else can I get these sort of supplies that is maybe a little
more basic and less expensive? I got the tubs for $150, but fittings are far
more $$$. I'm even considering putting the plumbing in the wall as if it were
a normal tub (both the tubs and the spaces they go in are 5' long, so there's no
room for a shower supply without building a space in the wall for it anyways), have
you ever seen this done?

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