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Posted by dale's plumbing service on March 07, 1999 at 11:07:31:
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: Dale:--does the main water feed go to a booster pump and tank sytem prior to distribution?

: I have had some mail returned that was sent to you last month because of an improper address..Bud

: i just looked at a new 68 room motel and along with a few other fixtures this motel has 510 fixture units. they brought a 4" line into building and installed a 2" meter and a 2" backflo preventer. then went to 3". will the 2" backflo preventer decrease the volumn of water to handle 510 fixture units. i know every thing will never be on at the same time but the code doesn't care, i do.thank you for your help. Dale

bud. there is no pump or tank. the story behind this is i just got a another motel and it is a hampton inn. the plan calls for a 4" line,3" to water heaters 2 1/2" all the way down halls and then 2" up to second floor (3 story) hot and cold reducing cold but running 2" the entire length and comeing back to boiler room.the 2" goes up in the middle of hall way to second floor and splits. i told the builder that it is way over kill on the water the way it is designed so i went to see another hampton. inn. my plan calls for a 4" line also. the code calls for a 2" line and 2 1/2" in building. i got him down to a 3" incoming line. we don't have to put a backflo preventer on our water line. also the meter is outside in a pit 200 feet away (4" tap 2" meter) then 3" to building.this last motel i did was 2" down hall way and tees for each 6 bath group and a 3/4" recirculating line.the story is the man gave me 2 hrs to read prints and agree on price and i told him i needed more time,but i based my price on the other motel (same size) so i thought i was ok. i didn't get to see second floor print untill after i signed contract. thats wye i'm fighting this oversized water system.the other hampton inn looks like the plumbing is like my first one.they also had an inline magnet (3") after the meter.

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