Re: new pipe
Posted by Terry Love on March 04, 1999 at 19:59:13:
In response to Re: new pipe

: Two questions.
: I am replacing very old 1/2" copper water pipe coming from my water meter. I have ok water presure. Would I gain anything from increasing the pipe size to 3/4". It is 3/4" coming out of the water meter that steps down to 1/2" after about 6".

For a one bath home you could get by with 3/4" pipe. For anything more, heck even for one bath, go ahead and install a one inch line from the meter to the home. The existing 1/2" line is not enough for even one bathroom, much less adding a kitchen sink, washer, hosebibs, ect.

: I am redoing a bath. Took out an old tile floor and plywood subfloor. Hardwood floor now shows. The problem now is that the toilet flange is now about 1" above the floor. As a temporary fix while remodling I have 3/4" plywood under the base of the toilet. Is there an easy way to lower the flange or am I stuck raising the floor.

Without looking at the material for the flange, hard to say. If access is good below the floor, that helps.

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