Recommend Pressure Reducing Valve with Gages
Posted by Frank Schima on March 03, 1999 at 12:53:30:

I just found out that the city water entering my (copper) pipes in my home is over 100 psi. The plumber
said I should get a pressure reducing valve (PRV).

What is a good one to get that will last with minimal problems? My local plumbing parts store has
a Watts (model unknown) for $56. This web page lists the Honeywell Braukmann D05. Does anyone
have any preferences?

These both seem to be adjustable but I want a pressure gage on both sides to measure the
inlet and exit pressure (of course :^). Are there any models with dual in-line pressure gages?

Barring that, is it legal to put on gages if the PRV is before the water meter? I was thinking of having
the gages valved off the main line (for their protection) and be detachable so they could be calibrated.

Am I the only one who wants to measure the pressure on both sides of the PRV or am I just crazy
:^) ?

Thanks in advance,

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