Re: chloraloy membrane for shower lining
Posted by Bill Branner on March 02, 1999 at 21:59:09:
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: I'm remolding downstiars bathroom and want to knowif I need to install a shower pan The floor of the shower is concrete, and I've frame this out and moved the drain where I need it at. I will have to pour a new bed to be sloped to proper height for correct draining. and I want to tile thefloor of the shower floor. Please advised.

: thanks CS

Same question (I think). Previous owner has installed cement block walls around a floor drain, then painted with epoxy paint...very shiny. Concrete has been laid on floor to give proper slope, and it too has been painted. I want to redo it, using the existing walls if practical to do so, to tile over same (on Wonderboard I suppose). But, since this is a basement floor drain, should I install a waterproof membrane (then more concrete, etc.) before tiling? In other words, is a membrane necessary on a basement floor? And, any advice as to the floor drain fitting can I convert it to a standard shower drain? Thanks for your help.

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