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Posted by dale's plumbing service on March 02, 1999 at 17:48:25:
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: A water heater in the attic? This is not a real good idea. A couple quick reasons: The lines will freeze in the winter and the cold supply will sweat in the summer in most areas north of the Mason Dixon; when the heater leaks (they all do eventually) a lot of stuff could be ruined, and several other reasons.

there is no danger of any thing going on fire if the heater is installed to code. brandy is right about freezing and as far as leaking the code calls for a drip pan under the heater and piped to a drain or to out side.use double wall pipe going through roof for the vent. have 1" clearance around it. insulate cold water so it won't sweat and insulate hot also.test your gas line after installation. this project may be for a master plumber. as far as the code goes it is permitted to install the heater in the attic. the call is yours to also may want to put a jacket around heater to conserve energy. Dale

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