Re: Sulfur Smell -- different from previous posts!
Posted by dale's plumbing service on March 02, 1999 at 17:36:59:
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: I've done some homework (i.e. reading previous posts) and
: I think my problem is different than those presented earlier
: I have a drilled well, water softener, and leech field water system.
: When I turn on the cold water in my upstairs bathroom first thing in the morning,
: there is a strong smell of sulfur in the water which clears
: after 1-2 minutes. No problem with hot water. The rest of the time, there
: is a very slight smell of sulfur, but hardly noticable.

: According to earlier posts, the most common cause of hydrogen sulfide
: in water is due to the sacrificial anode in the hot water tank.
: Although I'd be willing to attack this, it doesn't seem to explain my problem
: which is in the cold water.

: I've heard rumors of an "iron loving bacteria" which may be
: causing my problem, but that's all I know. Any ideas? Will replacing
: my usual water softener salt with an iron lowering formulation help? (figuring
: I'll starve those iron loving bacteria!)? Thanks for any help.

your well could be the cause of this. do your nieghbors have sulpher in their water? i wish i were more edgucated on this subject so i could help more.

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