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Posted by Terry Love on April 17, 1998 at 21:39:22:
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: My house is 37 years old and of course has galv. steel pipes
How much does something like this cost?

With a home that is 37 years old, you know that replacement is sometime down the road. Galv pipes vary in quality as does the corrosiveness of the water. If and when the pipes start to spring leaks, there won't be much other choice but replacement. Sometimes you can use the pipes right up to the point of no flow at all to a faucet.

Typical costs of repiping the water supply pipes in a home range from $230 - $330 per fixture.
Copper pipe and fittings, new stops and supply tubes, water heater flexes, two new hosebibs, new washer faucet box. Repiping to begin at the first fitting as the water enters the home.

Replacing faucets would be extra.
Patching and painting would be extra.

Replacing the water service to the meter would range from $17 - $40 per foot.

I hope these ball park figures help some.

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