Sulfur Smell -- different from previous posts!
Posted by Harley Friedman on March 02, 1999 at 17:10:59:
I've done some homework (i.e. reading previous posts) and
I think my problem is different than those presented earlier
I have a drilled well, water softener, and leech field water system.
When I turn on the cold water in my upstairs bathroom first thing in the morning,
there is a strong smell of sulfur in the water which clears
after 1-2 minutes. No problem with hot water. The rest of the time, there
is a very slight smell of sulfur, but hardly noticable.

According to earlier posts, the most common cause of hydrogen sulfide
in water is due to the sacrificial anode in the hot water tank.
Although I'd be willing to attack this, it doesn't seem to explain my problem
which is in the cold water.

I've heard rumors of an "iron loving bacteria" which may be
causing my problem, but that's all I know. Any ideas? Will replacing
my usual water softener salt with an iron lowering formulation help? (figuring
I'll starve those iron loving bacteria!)? Thanks for any help.

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