Dripping Tub Spout/Leaky Faucet
Posted by Mary Beth on March 01, 1999 at 09:15:40:
Had a problem with a cold water faucet handle leaking when turned on. When the faucet was off, there was
still a continous drip from the spout. I had a plumbing service come out. He replaced the rubber seats
on both the cold and hot water stems. There was still a continuous drip from the spout which he said
he didn't know what would cause that and since there wasn't a brand name on the fixtures, replacement parts
would be hard to find (the house is 20 years old). He said if more problems came up, we should have everything replaced. They
would put in a single handle fixture. The cost of this alone is $395. The plumber also said they would have
to through the wall in a bedroom. Then there is the cost of replacing the tiles (which I doubt that color
is no longer available). Now after a couple of uses over the weekend, water leaks out from behind the hot
water faucet and the shower faucet when the cold water is turned on and the continuous drip from the
spout is still there. Is there any way this can be fixed without having to spend hundreds and hundred
of dollars? Neither my husband or myself are "mechanically inclined" so we would have someone else
tackle this job. Any suggestions would be appreciated!

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