Sewage smell from dishwasher.
Posted by Todd on March 01, 1999 at 03:58:13:
WOW! Talk about a smell! :( Enough to make you yak on some days.

Our dishwasher has a foul mind of its own... From time to time it may have a mild odor, although for the past month or two the smell has been so strong you better make sure that dinner is well into digestion before opening the thing.

There is no odor once the washer is in its cycle.. Such as no odor from the vents, just when the unit has sat for a week or so.

I would assume that the water trap inside the DW is losing its seal somehow, although it is connected to the garbage disp unit for the drain. I have hard that veg oil may help keep a better seal, or is this due to lime deposit aka sludge?

Any help would be nice.

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