Re: Intallation of fiberglass shower module
Posted by Dennis Brayshaw on February 28, 1999 at 19:27:52:
In response to Re: Intallation of fiberglass shower module
: I am installing a 2 piece fiberglass shower module in my basement.
: Does the shower install directly to the wall studs? Between the studs and the fiberglass are horizonal cross members, that you drill into from the tub side. I used drywall screws. I doubled the studs on all sides, including the front.
: Does the drywall require shimming to compensate for the shower nailing flange? I built all from scratch, including putting a floor in the mobile home, 3/4" pt.
: Does the floor of the shower require support of any type? The trick is to balance the drain heighth with the leveling of the tub and walls.
When you tie the drain in, tighten it first, using pliers and a screwdriver on the drain and channel locks underneath. Put putty around the top of the drain and clear seal on the underside. Then tighten it down. When it dries, it's bone dry. You can use a black sleeve, kind of like tire material with clamps if the pvc couplings give you trouble with the drain.

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