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Posted by hj on February 27, 1999 at 00:48:04:
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NEVER, EVER install a twin cleanout unless it has two risers. A single riser two way, whether cast iron or plastic is almost impossible to use to unplug a line when it is full of water. You have to try to get the cable to go in the right direction by feel, but if will go the way it wants to and that will be the wrong way 90% of the time. Either install two separate cleanouts (facing each other) or a single Y-1/8 bend heading downstream;

: : How can I add a cleanout to the sewer line? I can dig my yard to find it, cut one section of the 4" cast iron pipe, and then??

: yuji, if you have 4" cast iron then go buy a 4" sch 40 twin cleanout, 2 4" no hub clamps,a 5/16th nut driver, 1 can of pvc glue,1 can pvc purple primer or clear primer, 1- 4" female adapter hub sch 40, 1- 4" plug pvc. then measure from the top of the pipe to the top of the ground and add 2 more feet and get that much 4" sch 40 pipe.put 1 foot of 4" pvc in each end of twin clean out lay it on top of the cast iron and cut out the section of cast iron. cut 1/2" bigger so you don't fight it when putting it together. put the 4" band on the 1' (both ends) of pvc pipe then the rubber,then fold back the rubber and put in between the cast iron pipe. roll the rubber over the cast iron,slip the band over the rubber and tighten down with the 5/16th nut driver. then measure to the top of the groung and cut the 4" pipe with the 4" clean out on the pipe to the right length so it will be flush with ground.have fun. Dale

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