Re: finding a sewer line
Posted by Terry Love on February 26, 1999 at 11:18:15:
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Of course getting someone with a locator is a good idea. I recommend them when people need to find leaks in parking lots, slabs, ect. I use thecoat hangers when I am in a hurry and don't expect to miss. In other words, I have a pretty good guess before I start. It is well worth the expense to bring in a locator, it's better than digging up the yard.

but do try the coat hanger trick yourself, just for fun, it works. (note: trouble is, it can even pick up over head pipes)

: terry is right on witching with a rod but for some people a brass rod will work and others a coat hanger will work, also with some people the rod will go out and if you are standing over the pipe with the pipe running between your legs the rod will cross. type neg blood and pos blood are my opinion as to the difference. but if you know of someone who has a cable locator ,like me, then they can put a cable down the vent line ,out to yard and then put the locator on it. walla, there you go.


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