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Posted by Terry Love on February 26, 1999 at 02:14:53:
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First, you should have enough wax to seal from top to bottom. Most of the time it will require either an extra thick wax or two standard wax rings. I snug down bolts fairly solid, (carefull on concrete floors, no give) I wait for the final snugging untill after the water has filled and the toilet has been flushed. You will need the water to add weight for compression. I then seal the toilet with caulk from bolt to bolt along the front of the toilet. I leave the back uncaulked in case there is a wax seal leak. It's better to know right away then to wait until the vinyl discolors.

: Got a GOOD question here, when installing a new commode, or replacing old commode, how tight are you supposed to tighten bolts to floor?

: I have been scared to tighten too much worrying about cracking the commode. Now, being too loose, water has leaked under my vinyl and started to mold it. Thanks for all responses!!!

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