Re: finding a sewer line
Posted by dale's plumbing service on February 25, 1999 at 05:22:14:
In response to Re: finding a sewer line
: I would check with the County first, to see if they have records of either the sewer line or the septic location.

: Another trick you may try, is witching for it with some wires bent in a "L" and held in each hand. When the wires cross over the pipe, they will align with the pipe. For some reason, the left wire and the right wire will point at each other. This works on plastic pipe, and metal pipes. You may want to practice with a pipe laying on the ground. Terry
terry is right on witching with a rod but for some peaple a brass rod will work and others a coat hanger will work,also with some peaple the rod will go out and if you are standing over the pipe with the pipe running between your legs the rod will cross.type neg blood and pos blood are my opinion as to the difference. but if you know of someone who has a cable locator ,like me, then they can put a cable down the vent line ,out to yard and then put the locator on it. walla, there you go.

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