Mansfield Alto toilet
Posted by Terry on February 25, 1999 at 00:35:47:

Today, a customer asked me to replace a Mansfield Alto 160-160 toilet with one that works. I asked him how well the Mansfield worked. Not well enough for his liking. He noted that all of his neighbors had them in their homes, and they were nice homes too, about the $375,000 range, and all nearly new. I examined the outlet of the toilet and found a very sharp lip and a ledge past where the waste should drop. I could imagine that sharp lip catching a variety of items. I found it odd, that the working parts of the toilet seemed so poorly thought out, while the rest of the toilet looked well thought out and stylish. I then recalled the Consumer Reports May 98 article which tested 13 toilets, and of those thirteen, two toilets were rated poor at removing waste, (this was one) and four were rated only fair at removing waste. That left only six toilets that rated good or better. I wondered why builders would install toilets in nice homes that were known to perform poorly. When I had finished with the toilet replacement, I thanked the homeowner for the business of installing a high performance toilet in their home and quietly shook my head at any plumbing contractor that would opt to save a buck and provide me with so much work in the years to come.

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