Re: gas fireplace logs
Posted by Daniel McDowell on February 24, 1999 at 13:13:27:
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I was told by one gentleman that works in the industry that if the flame in the fireplace is kept too low then sooting will occur. As to why this occurs, I cannot say.
: This winter, our ventless gas fireplace logs caused soot damage in our home. I call it soot but it really didnt have the greasy feeling typical of soot. In fact, it appears to have etched somewhat into the stell appliances. Our insurance company did pay for the clean up but told us they had paid several similar claims recently and the all involved Temco Fireplace gas logs. This is the same brand we currently own so I fear a reoccurrence with no warning. The dealer we purchased it from was never really able to pinpoint why the sooting occurred and our insurance company hasnt told us what evidence they may have for subrogation only that they feel like recovery is likely. Any advice here? Is this simply a manufacturing defect? Is it publicized? Is this just a risk one takes from having a ventless system. Am I placing the family at risk of CO poisoning by continuing to use this. I would appreciate any warnings or reassurances about this.

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