heat lamps and fans in enclosed showers
Posted by Jerry Irons on February 23, 1999 at 23:35:36:

I purchased a Nu-Tone exhaust fan with a 240watt heat lamp in the middle. Purpose was to eliminate remaining condensate in my fully enclosed tile shower. Just before installing I read in the mfg's sheet "Do not install over tub or in shower enclosure".

The 240watt bulb was purchased separately and made no reference to "not use in shower or over tub". Surely if it were hot and water splashed on it it might shatter and drop glass on the user which would not be good. However, my plan would be to turn it on after the shower was taken so that the moisture would be remove and the shower would get dry.

If caution is used do you think I should have a problem. The salesman at Home Base, who seemed knowledgable said I should be okay.

I am a general contractor and have had considerable experience in remodeling but this would be my first of this type installation. Incidentally, I have been unable to find an exhaust system such as used in public building that is sized for a 350 cu foot inclosure.

Let me know.


Jerry Irons

Good web page. Very informative for an old pro like me.

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