Re: Kitchen remodel budget
Posted by bbj on February 23, 1999 at 07:13:06:
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: What is a reasonable budget for remodel of kitchen using mid-range to better materials?

: I'm talking about taking it to the walls; new cabinets, appliances (excluding refridge & dish washer), floor
: & countertops.
: What sources (books, websites) can you suggest, so that I can be prepared & spend wisely? Thanks.

martha stewart, i've asked you before to stop calling me here... but if you must...

unless the refrigerator is the newest energy efficient 25 cubic foot side by side with water, ice cubes, [what no built-in tv] out it goes...
energy savings in the new models will pay for themselves in several years.

maybe get trendy with separate matching upright freezer, both in stainless steel.

and the same for your $199 dishwasher which requires earplugs or causes hearing loss--- only the GE $1000 german made almost silent model will do. shocking but true: it's quieter than your microwave oven.

and let's face it, a jenn-air grill on the countertop really kicks flavor with steaks and chops and chicken...

but shove all this great equipment into a bad uninsulated unventilated unconscious corner, it aint no kitchen.

start sleeping on the best ideas from your architect who brings skylights and sky tubes to your plans... he also oversees the contractor who otherwise gleefully empties your savings account...

aw the hell with it, just sleep with the contractor and you'll have a helluva kitchen but it wont have any finishing molding.

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