Re: Need to specify 2 Hot Water Heaters
Posted by bbj on February 23, 1999 at 06:09:20:
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: We need to specify( 2) 75 gallon hot water heaters, what do you recommend? Both will be gas fired.
: The first will be mounted in the attic/eaves area, with a maximum height of 5 feet in the room. It will
: feed the upstairs laundry and the master bath, which includes a 80 gallon whirlpool tub, shower and 2
: lavs.The distance to the furthest fixture is 20 ft.The second will be mounted in the basement, and will feed
: the rest of the house, including kitchen, 2 upstairs baths (tub/shower combo), powder room guest bath
: and basement bath(should be used infrequently). The height of the mech room is 8 ft, so height is not an
: issue. The furthest fixtures will be 70 ft away, so a recirculating system may be required.

: What do you recommend? Thanks.

: Larry

if no kids, crank up the tanks and you'll never run out of hot water.

pre warm the cold water to room temperature with a standing unheated tank before the heated tank. it will take the heating load off your hw tank and serve as an inline spare.

consider a combo heat and hw system for efficiency.

go with what's cheaper to heat, either the gas or the electric systems, depending on your area's rates.

your info request suggests that there is the strong possibility of hot water radiant floor piping options for bathrooms, etc.

and dont overlook the self thawing sidewalks and driveways.

p.s. get an architect to meet with your plumber.

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