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Posted by Terry Love on February 19, 1999 at 20:21:39:
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Getting a Gerber Ultraflush toilet for less than $240 will be a bit of a trick. Installation and removal of the old toilets, would be extra.

If money is an issue, check farther down the page for the gravity toilets on the Toilet report. Western Pottery sells a model called an Aris, #822 that is a two piece toilet. It looks good and flushes very well.

Kids will get used to the pressure assist toilets, and yes, kids often do use too much paper.

Toilets such as the Gerber, Western and Toto line are sold by plumbing contractors. The best bet is to talk to your local plumber. Gerber Western and Toto have such fine products, that marketing them in home centers is not needed.

Most plumbers can and do sell all brands.

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