Re: toilet mount
Posted by Curt Freeman on February 17, 1999 at 12:09:04:
In response to Re: toilet mount
: After removing the toilet in preparation to lay tile in the bath, I found the following:

: 1. the flange was held in place by the lead collar only and was not secured to the concrete floor.

: 2. the concrete around the flange is not flat and true.

: Should I anchor the new flange to the concrete floor, and should this area be leveled? Will the additional height of the tile create any problems in the installation? The floor was previously covered with vinyl flooring.

You flange should be immobile. If it is anchored in concrete and doesn't move, you
are probably OK. If not anchor it. Depending on how bad it is out-of-level, you may
or may not want to correct this. A flange spacer (or two) should be used
to bring the toilet to new floor height.

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