Re: Empty toilet bowl??
Posted by Rick on February 16, 1999 at 05:59:31:
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: : I have noticed that the new 1.5 gallon toilet I installed in a rebuilt bathroom seems to be losing its water...
: : Not all the time but many times, I go in and find the bowl empty. What could be causing THAT??
: : I'm on a septic system if that matters.
: : Any suggestions would be appreciated.
: : Thanks again,

: : Rick
: rick, did you change any venting in for the bath?does water leave the bowl when another fixture is being used, example a wash machine or another stool? do you have a sewer ejector pump on this line.
Yes I did remove the cast iron elbow in the drain/vent line and replaced it with plastic. also tied the cast and plastic together with a rubber boot. I noticed it happening when the water in the bathroom sink was running once, but the shower and washing machine are on a totally different septic system. The kitchen sink is the only other drain connected to the toilet drain.
Very small house...
Does that help you any?
Thanks Again,


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