4" automatic throttling valve?
Posted by IL Plumber on February 15, 1999 at 16:57:34:
I am presently hooking up six bucher plastic injection molds. They are water cooled with 2" coming in and going out. I have a 4" loop for cooling water through machines and up to cooling tower. On the end I had planned on tying the supply and return together with a 4" manual valve so they could adjust the pressure on the supply line depending on the amount of buchers running. When buchers are off water has to be able to bypass on the end.They don't trust their help to open the bypass valve more when buchers are off. They awant it to be automatic. It needs to hold 60 psi on the supply line but no more. And dump the rest in the return line. Is there such a valve. It can be diaghram/water/air/ or electrically actuated. Or anything else you can think of.. Thank you.....

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