Re: Water hammer arrester @ 120psi and 1.5" pipe
Posted by dale's plumbing service on February 15, 1999 at 06:07:08:
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: Hi Terry, love your site.

: I just replaced all my laundry machines and replumbed the place (no small feat). I installed ball valves on the main supply and every important shut off point. As you well know, a ball valve can shut flow suddenly. At these points I installed the customary air trap type air hammer arrester (2' of same size pipe veritcal at intersection). My pipes still hammer, especially under load. Are the commercial water hammer arresters far better than the customary solution? All my laundry machines have electro-mechanical water inlet valves. Do I need a hammer arrester per machine? My pressure regulator is set at 90psi with the input water varying between 100 and 125psi. The regulator armature (the part that attaches to the diaphragm and valve body) broke, probably because of hammering. Do I need a hammer arrester by the regulator too? All my lines are one and a half inch. I want to eliminate all hammering, because although I can solder a storm (even with lead free) I prefer to just watch it all work properly - no repairs. Any advice or links greatly appreciated.

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: Richard Cross
richard, cut the pressure down to 75 lbs. on the end of your 1 1/2 runs hot and cold install a shock absorber. i just got 4 of them myself. cost about 400.00. see how it works after doing this.

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