Re: Removal of 5" sediment
Posted by dale's plumbing service on February 15, 1999 at 05:39:25:
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: Never flushed Rheem 52 gal, 5500 wat,t single element unit. Drain hole plugged with sediment. Let water drain out slowly through the element hole. Sediment up to element. How can I get this much stuff out now? Is there a trick or special flush/pump rig that I can rent and use through the element hole? Help!!!
is the element a screw in element? i'm not sure if the if it is if
the threads are standard threads but if they are
put a nipple 1/1/2 or 1/1/4 in there and use plastic
pipe to a sump pump and turn on cold water and
flush tank. also put a full way 3/4 in ball valve on
your drain. take the old one off.i myself am going to install
magnets on my water heater to elemenate this problem for good.
the magnets will break up this sediment,and you need
to flush tank every 3 weeks for a month.i'm am
just trying them myself so i can't say for sure if they work.
i don't want to try and sell them untill i am sure they do.

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