Recirculating pump on hot water line.
Posted by Richard Cross on February 14, 1999 at 00:16:01:

Hi Terry,

I posted a couple of days ago about water hammering in my laundromat. Since then I fixed my water pressure reducer (Canadian fabrication/repair technology - ie. duct tape). I still have a hammering problem, but I'll sort that one out yet. My next question is on boiler systems and recirculation of the hot water trunk feeding all my wash machines. I have two 400,000 BTU heaters and two 100 gallon storage tanks and a recirculating system to keep everything hot. I have a recirculating line at the end of the hot water trunk that back-feeds to the input side of the recirculating pump. I expect that the whole hot water trunk should always be hot, right to the end so that the farthest machine won't have to go through several cycles to warm up. It's not. Do I need a back-flow preventer valve on this 1/2" recirculating line? Do I need a separate recirculating pump for this line? Do I need both? Any and all advise is greatly appreciated.


Richard Cross

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