Re: Septic smell in house
Posted by Becky Fraser on February 10, 1999 at 19:11:12:
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: Sounds to me like your feild has become saturated, and isn't dispersing the overflow from the septic tank as it should. You should have no water in your plumbing drainage system other than in your traps. "Seeing water in the vent pipes" leads me to think along these lines, especially if it shows up during added water times, ie rain.......Lou

Thanks for your reply Lou

We have 2 septic tanks and fields side by side.
The other vent for tank 2 is dry but we do have
wet spots in the yard. If your theory is true about
the leach field being saturated then how come both pipes
are not filled with water. The vent that has water
in it was from a neglected septic tank, that hadn't been
pumped out for 10 years. We just pumped it out four month ago.
Could this be the source of the problem. Plumbers
are hard to come by here due to alot of construction.
Can you tell us of a good way to troubleshoot this.

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