Re: slow drainage of main line
Posted by Terry Love on February 06, 1999 at 16:02:02:
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It does sound like roots in the line.

It may be quicker at this point to call in a plumber though with a pipe clearing machine.
Not a homeowner job. These things will wrap you up and put you on the ground if you are not knowledgeable. Terry

II. Trouble Shooting From the Rootx website

1.Never use more than 2 pounds of RootX if applying through toilet.

2.If the RootX foam gets on carpet, do not apply any cleaning detergent. Allow the foam to dry and vacuum it up. Otherwise a discoloration may result.

3.If root intrusion is heavy (i.e. half full or greater), it is recommended that the roots be mechanically removed prior to the RootX treatment.

4.If you must mechanically remove the roots before application, RootX must be applied immediately (within the first hour) or wait 6-8 weeks. The reason is that as soon as roots are damaged, they start secreting sap that will become a barrier between the chemical and the wood tissue within 2-4 hours. By waiting 6-8 weeks, you will allow enough time for the root ends to grow back thorough the sap, thus allowing RootX to be absorbed through the root ends for the most effective kill.

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