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Posted by W English on October 17, 2002 at 16:59:48:
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hey man... do you still have Qest in your house? As far as action you could take, i would assume it is too late for lawsuits, or so I have heard. Yes, you are correct, the pipe itself is what fucking sucks. I was on a plumbing job today ( I am a full time plumber) at a nice brick home, probably 250,000-300,000 in value... they had a cheap Delta shower valve i replaced. I noticed they had Qest in the wall connected to the valve. Under the house also was qest. Now this house was built in 1997. Every fitting in the house was brass, instead of plastic. Under the Kit sink, there had been Pex repiping, and sections of pipe under the house had been repaired from obvious leaks. So yes, the pipe itself is defective because it is thin, and gets brittle. Pex is connected exactly the same as qest, with brass or copper insert fittings, only the pipe is polyethelene, not polybutelene. It will expand before it breaks, or leaks... only downside to it is the inside pipe diameter is slightly smaller, but not very noticeable. I have taken a torch to the pex pipe, and it will turn clear instead of white, and goes back to its original form. If you have not repiped your house totally, pex is a very economical way to take care of it. I even like it better than copper, easy to install, and I have yet to go to a single plumbing call for a Pex leak.... its fabulous! Feel free to write me and I can tell you anything you need to know.....W.E.

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