re: having hot water going in toilets
Posted by dean on October 15, 2002 at 13:54:10:
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: Yes! Everybody is having the problem. Even the toilet tanks have hot water.
: They now say the water temperature was set too high and turned it down. But it is
: still happening just not as severly. Now, the cold water starts cool heats up, stays
: hot for a while 3- 4 minutes and then slowly cools down again.
: Would leaving the bypass valve open do this? It's a three story building with 36 units.
: I took a shower this morning with the hot water off entirely! It's as funny as it is
: pathetic.

: They probably left a bypass valve open somewhere that is letting hot water come back through a cold water line. I can't imagine this would affect the whole building though--are all the units having this same problem?

: : : Terry:

: : : GREAT SITE!!!! Now a question...The apartment complex I moved into just put in a new water heater
: : : yesterday.

: : : Now we get hot water from BOTH the cold and hot water faucets. They've trying to fix it all day.
: : : It cooled off for a little while but now its hot from both. Originally they thought they had forgotten
: : : to turn the cold water on. Now they don't seem to know what's going on. Could they have reversed the
: : : cold and hot water hook ups? Management seems to be clueless. I vaguely recall something about
: : : in an This Old House episode.

: : : Thanks

: : : Trying to NOT get scalded Valerie

I'm getting hot water in my toilets and my washing mech. and I do not even have the hot water hooked up to it. Thanks dean

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