unknown source of leak
Posted by Kate Rubin on February 03, 1999 at 23:18:39:
Help! We have an unknown source making a leak from our upstairs tub into the foyer below. The leak happens irregularly. Sometimes it will happen 3 days in a row and then sometimes not for another 4 days. We have checked the tub for missing grout and calking. Everthing is sealed that we see. We even went behind the wall where the hot and cold water pipes are located. Nothing we see or feel is wet. We are suspect that the leak may be coming from the drain pipe. However, we would think that the leak would be continuous. It doesn't seem to matter whether it is a shower or a bath. The bathtub and plumbing is about 18 years old. Sometimes it happens during the first shower of the evening and other times it is the third.(we have 3 boys). We have a small hole in the ceiling of the main floor and we can't patch it until we find the source of the leak. Any suggestions?

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