Re: hard water and galvanized pipe
Posted by Keith L. on February 02, 1999 at 14:40:23:
In response to Re: hard water and galvanized pipe
How old is the house? I thought they quit using galvanized in the '50's. As far as repiping-vs-water softener goes, I think you're kind of mixing apples and oranges a little. Most of the time the water softener is used to provide a better quality of water, increasing the life of piping and plumbing fixtures is an added bonus. Many people like the feel of soft water for bathing and soaps and detergents work better with it. Also, in my area where iron can be a problem many times a softener will filter it out. I wouldn't bother repiping until it is an absolute must. If you do get a water softener when you go to hook it up you'll see that working with galvinized pipe is a pain.

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